There is a passion that knows no borders…

… that crosses oceans and continents and unites hemispheres. This dedication to excellence, rooted in seven generations of winemaking tradition, is what led the Zonin family from the vineyards of Italy to search for the perfect terroir in which to further develop their dream.

They began their journey, faithful to their vision of creating connections between people and places through wine. Their voyage was driven by a desire to promote the biodiversity and cultural riches of outstanding world wine regions, and they found the ideal place to fulfil this commitment in Chile, complementing two hundred years of Italian craftsmanship with the kaleidoscope of terroirs and microclimates that make up this wonderful country.

Here, the Zonin family could create wines capable of merging two identities: Italian winemaking tradition and Chilean terroir, like two souls connected by a single purpose – creating perfect harmony.

The quest for perfection can connect polar opposites, inspire adventurers, create visionaries and intertwine two worlds in perfect harmony. Under the watchful gaze of the North Star, the Zonin family has spent generations perfecting their wines, cultivated in vineyards in Italy’s seven finest Regions for producing wine. But this desire for perfection, for sharing the best of their winemaking heritage, could never be confined to one country.

They were drawn to another terroir: equally characterful, complementary, but a polar opposite. The Zonin family discovered the ideal conditions to start making wines on the other side of the world, combining the best of Italy and Chile.

Like explorers, guided by the light of the stars in circumnavigating the globe, the Zonin family found their perfect soul mate. Beginning their journey under the glimmer of the North Star, they set their course towards the beckoning Southern Cross, where Chile, the second soul of their story, lay in patient wait.

They arrived to discover a land of mountains, coasts and sun-drenched valleys, infused with an essence of promise. It was a country that reflected their style, a place where they could channel the family’s experience, developed whilst making wines for almost 200 years in Italy, and combine it with a wide diversity of terroirs, microclimates and local expertise in creating fine Chilean wines with a distinctive Italian character: a blend of passion and terroir, rooted in Italian history and nurtured in the ungrafted vineyards of Chile.

Thus Dos Almas was born.

Welcome to Dos Almas.

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