Legal Musings Rap

Yo, it’s time to drop some legal knowledge,

From forms to vis, we’re here to acknowledge,

What does SS mean on a form you ask?

Don’t worry, we got you with the facts.

When it comes to visas, we’ve got an example,

To help you write a compelling statement, don’t trample.

Need a blank addendum to purchase agreement to fill?

Look no further, we’re here to seal the deal.

In the world of volunteering, we’ve got the scoop,

The Duke of Edinburgh bronze volunteering requirements will make you whoop,

When it comes to lighting, we’re the best in the trade,

For road legal LED bulbs, we’ve got it made.

Legal assistance is what you need, we hear you shout,

Here’s how to contact LegalZoom, no need to pout.

Don’t drown in paper, it’s time to rise,

Learn how to digitize paper documents and be wise.

Cricket fans, listen up, we’ve got the lowdown,

The laws of cricket book is where it’s found.

Subcontractors, this one’s for you, no need to ponder,

The definition of bona fide subcontractor is here to squander.

And last but not least, if you’re in NJ and in a tinting mood,

Find out if 5 tint is legal in NJ, no need to brood.

So there you have it, our legal musings in a rap,

For all things legal, we’ve got the map.

From forms to laws, we’ve got your back,

For all your legal needs, there’s no need to backtrack.

Welcome to Dos Almas.

To discover our world of perfect harmony, please indicate you are of legal drinking age.